Friday, August 31, 2012

August Meeting Recap

Fifty happy ukulele players attended the August meeting of The Baywood Ukulele Social Club.  The next meeting is Sunday, September 16, at 3pm on the lawn behind the Back Bay Inn (not the cafe but the Inn).  We will play from 3-4:30pm then reconvene at the cafe for our social time.

Here are the songs we played:
The Beat Goes on C7
Liza Jane F
Jump Into The Fire G
Just A Little Bit C
Boreno G to F
Hello Trouble C
Your Cheatin' Heart C
Now The Train Won't Go C
Good Luck Charm G
Little Grass Shack C
Bungalow For Two F

Be sure to vote in the poll for your favorite songs.  Bring a folding chair.